Visa's Financial Literacy Program: Empowering a Brighter Financial Future


Visa, a world leader in digital payments, has wrapped up its Financial Literacy Program 2023 in collaboration with The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs. This initiative was a pivotal component of Visa's commitment to foster financial and business literacy for Vietnamese businesses, cooperatives, and business households. The 2023 program was part of a three-year partnership between Visa and The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), which aims to improve access to essential financial services throughout the country.

Mr. Tran Quang Tien, Manager, International Development Banks Division, Department of International Cooperation, The State Bank of Vietnam, highlighted the significance of this partnership, saying: "Improving financial literacy and accessibility to financial services is crucial for the socio-economic development of our country. We are delighted to collaborate with Visa on this essential program, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on ethnic minority communities."

The Financial Literacy Program represents Visa's ongoing efforts to enhance financial literacy and promote access to vital financial services in Vietnam. Over the past decade, this program has made significant strides in increasing the financial literacy landscape of the youth and students. The 2023 edition continued this important journey, with a renewed focus on ensuring that both individuals and enterprises, especially those in underserved communities, as well as small and micro-sized businesses, cooperatives and individual business households, could readily access essential financial products and services, and information about capital sources that can be mobilized for business.

Addressing the socio-economic development challenges for ethnic minority communities

Vietnam is home to a diverse population, with ethnic minorities comprising approximately 14.7% of the total population1. While the country has made remarkable progress in various sectors, ethnic minorities, particularly those in mountainous regions, continue to face significant challenges arising from limited access to essential social services leading to economic disparities. Financial literacy and accessibility to financial services are crucial factors to help ethnic minorities improve their business and production activities.

The primary objective of the Financial Literacy Program 2023 was to bolster the financial management skills for a number of businesses, cooperatives and fish business households of ethnic minorities residing in Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province, Sapa town in Lao Cai province, and neighboring areas. By doing so, the program sought to create development opportunities, unlock the potential of local tourism, stimulate production and business activities, and drive sustainable development that adapts to evolving market dynamics.

Mr. Y Thong, Deputy Minister – Vice Chairman of the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, says: "The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs is dedicated to promoting the welfare of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. We believe that this program, in collaboration with Visa, has empowered these communities with the knowledge and tools needed to improve the financial health of businesses and cooperatives, especially household businesses and individuals, thereby creating more feasible conditions to improve production capacity and service provision locally. By enhancing their business and production capabilities, we can uplift these communities and bridge the gap in economic disparities compared to the rest of the country." 

The Financial Literacy Program 2023 is a comprehensive program carefully developed to include several key components:

  • Provide knowledge about business resources: The program involved providing business, accounting, and policies resources to facilitate access to essential solutions and applications. This support was designed to help local communities, particularly small and micro-enterprises, cooperatives, and individual business households promote their strengths in production and business activities.
  • Enhance financial awareness: Disseminating crucial information about financial literacy and services is essential. This program focused on raising public awareness about the benefits of financial literacy and the importance of embracing appropriate financial products and services.
  • Apply training through interaction: These interactive sessions, conducted both online and offline, offered practical insights and skills that participants can apply in their daily lives and businesses.
  • Consulting support: Following the training sessions, potential businesses received dedicated and direct consultancy support to further enhance their financial management and business strategies.

Visa’s commitment to supporting economic development and ethnic minority communities in Vietnam

Visa has always been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at supporting small businesses, fostering digital payments, and driving increased participation in the digital economy. Over the years, Visa has rolled out various impactful programs, including partnerships with, SmartPay, and the New Flow Client Forum to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These efforts have propelled Visa to digitally enable nearly 67 million SMEs worldwide.

Speaking about the initiative, Ms. Dung Dang, Visa Country Manager of Vietnam and Laos said: "Visa is dedicated to empowering communities and promoting financial literacy across Vietnam. Our long-standing partnership with The State Bank of Vietnam and The Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs is a testament to our commitment to fostering inclusive economic growth. We believe that by equipping ethnic minority communities with financial knowledge and resources, we can create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”

The Financial Literacy Program 2023 was created in line with the Vietnam OCOP (One Commune, One Product) program. By offering businesses access to training, branding, product promotion, and market connection resources, the program has contributed significantly to enhancing the reputation and quality of products in local markets. Visa's Financial Literacy Program 2023 also embodied a shared vision of economic empowerment, inclusion, and sustainable growth. By providing the means and knowledge necessary to navigate the commerce and financial landscape, this initiative can create a more prosperous and equitable society throughout Vietnam.


1 Research Center for Human Rights of Ethnic Minority and Mountainous People (HRC) 2015, “Population and distribution of ethnic minorities in Vietnam”.


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